Media Monitoring

Equiniti KYC Solutions' Media Monitoring provides our clients with an unprecedented level of customer knowledge.

Building on our industry recognised onboarding and periodic-review customer due diligence services, our Media Monitoring service adds real-world - not just financial transactions - monitoring to provide true, broad-based Continuous Due Diligence.

Leveraging a range of web search, workflow and task assignment technologies, our Media Monitoring service tracks our clients customers in real-time, reporting references of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) relevant news in multiple languages (Arabic, Chinese and many of the European languages). Equiniti KYC Solutions uses a proprietary list of keywords and synonyms as well as natural language processing methods to maximise coverage and monitoring efficiency in a universe of information sources. Reports are analysed by our experienced analysts and the results are sent to our clients for review and action.

The Media Monitoring service ensures that our clients get the right information, at the right time.

The entire monitoring process is 100% auditable including the raw data, analyst reviewed information, escalation points and subsequent actions taken. All of which are date, time and user stamped.

Media Monitoring can be requested as a stand-alone service or as an extension to Equiniti KYC Solutions' standard KYC offerings. The added level of customer awareness and assurance is especially valuable in relation to our clients’ international customers in riskier environments and industries.

With the addition of Media Monitoring to our specialist services offerings, we help our clients better manage risk, reduce costs and re-focus their time and efforts on exceptional and revenue-generating activities.