KYCvision is the most advanced solution for the onboarding and simplified due diligence of natural persons in the growing non-Face-to-Face (non-F2F) onboarding context.

KYCvision is a combined web, smartphone, hardware and services solution designed to bring speed, certainty and cost-savings to identity and address verification.

The solution combines secure and easy browser-based onboarding web-forms with proprietary smartphone and patent-pending hardware technology to facilitate the fast and secure verification of natural person identity documents and physical address locations.

KYCvision is unique in being able to verify Passport RFID chip information and use GPS coordinates to verify addresses.

KYC VisionUsers can download a free smartphone app or attach a provided USB dongle to their PC to allow facial image capture, optical and electronic scanning of passports and ID documents and utility bills.

We use the smartphone or dongle NFC (Near Field Communication) and GPS (geo-location) technologies to read and verify the passport / ID docs RFID chip information (name, date-of-birth, place-of-birth, document number, social security number and photos) and capture the physical location co-ordinates of the onboarding action.

KYCvision also uses facial recognition software to match the facial image with the ID document and RFID photos. Facial biometrics and / or address location can also be used post-onboarding, on an on-going basis, as means of adding extra security to exceptional transactions.

Straight Through Processing

The KYCvision process is designed to be as quick and interruption free as possible.

The custom built KYCvision backend system is used as the process controller and is augmented with a number of open-sources and licensed Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software suites. The STP processes route incoming new customer information through a series of identification and address verifications. All of these requirements can be “web-service” configured for integration with client systems.

A number of sanction, PEP, bad-press and other governmental, credit, social-media and business information sources may also be added for additional levels of screening.

Manual exception handling - compartmentalised and anonymised

STP-failures, exceptions and screening hits can happen and will be routed to globally distributed teams of analysts for manual analysis action.

Exception handling will be undertaken by our analysts using an anonymised identity and address verification process. This advanced toolset will handle customer photo, OCR and RFID and address verification exceptions.