Global Companies Houses' API Access

KYCNET is unique in having online global access to business register search, structured information and filings.

Our KYCNET system is linked to scores of registers via a set of very advanced, secure and real-time APIs (Applications program Interfaces).

KYCNET: company search, information mapping and document retrieval - online, real-time, fast and accurate

With one click our users can search for legal entities, review search results and then map and import company data sets - even directors and owners in some cases - as well as company profiles and annual filings.

All mappings are recorded as default settings for subsequent use of the system - greatly speeding up the exercise as well as removing the chance of errors such as typos.

The director information and ownership information can often also be mapped and auto-loaded into the KYCNET parent tree relations.

Natural person owners are automatically stored as UBOs (Ultimate beneficial Owners) while legal entity owners can accessed within a few clicks to quickly search for and retrieve the next level’s information.