The need for sustainability in business has grown significantly over the past decade.

Growing pressures from stakeholders and society has taken corporate social responsibility from a fringe interest to an integral part of many organisations' business models - not just in financial services and B2B but most especially in fast-fashion, FMCG and the wider consumer product space.

Evidence suggests that sustainable businesses are likely to produce results that outperform and compete with traditional forms of enterprise. High environmental and social impact or risks can potentially lead to large economic costs as well as reputation risks. According to a report published by the International Finance Corporation, adaptation of sustainable business models tends to achieve greater long term value for companies.

Sustainability is therefore a whole new area of risk that businesses must manage, mitigate against and focus on. We provide services and IT solutions to help companies that are serious about sustainability meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) requirements.

Various guidelines and principles such as the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and the Equator Principles, have been endorsed by many of the leading companies in the world. 

These initiatives however, only serve as general policy guidelines - they do not provide clear criteria for quickly verifying the true sustainability of a business and their wider supply chain of suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors etc. For this reason, verification of sustainability criteria can be a challenging process - that is costly and highly staff dependent.

Our people have the skills and experience required to quickly and independently verify the most essential social and environmental criteria based on industry accepted definitions and guidelines. Moreover, we have the flexibility to customise these verifications to our client's specific requirements.

Equiniti KYC Solutions is uniquely positioned to deliver independent and efficient sustainability verifications for businesses and provide our clients with greater quality at a significant cost-advantage.

Our processes are optimised to deliver value to our clients: to plan, execute, perform and report their sustainability verifications. Our technology provides an easy-access and transparent reporting platform to manage task assignment, analysis quality and project progress.

The result is a service offering by Equiniti KYC Solutions that offers independent verifications based on industry best practice as well as client requirements - at a transparent and comparatively moderate cost. Sustainability-KYC can be requested as a stand-alone service or as an extension to Equiniti KYC Solutions standard KYC offerings.