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Natural Persons Screening

The fight against financial crime has made the transparency of any financial activity a global priority, meaning it is critical that we know who we are doing business with and the risks associated with that.

A Know Your Customer (KYC) and screening process is therefore essential and requires consistency and precision. As KYC experts we help our clients manage customer-related risk without losing competitive edge or speed to market.

We offer a menu of screening options to cover all our clients’ needs regardless of how simple or complex they are. Once we receive the initial information about a person through the agreed portals, our multilingual teams will perform screenings on:

  • Sanctions including UN, OFAC, EU, HMT and/or;
  • Political Exposure (PEP) and/or;
  • Watch- and Blacklists and/or;
  • Adverse Media & Negative Press 

The screening process that is followed and the screening elements that are included will be performed in line with any requirements from the client.  The process also includes hit handling through the investigation and discounting of the hits that come up during the screening. 

Together with our clients, we agree on an approach for the Data Source Provider that is used for screening. The options for this are:

  1. We continue with the client’s existing provider, if available.
  2. The client requires us to assist in forming a new arrangement with one or more data source providers.
  3. The client seeks to benefit from existing arrangements we have with data source providers.

Our robust process and speed to market allow our clients to make informed decisions about their business, minimising the risk of financial crime.


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