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KYC Compliance

KYC Compliance in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

As top-tier KYC experts in creating and implementing compliance solutions, we help our clients manage KYC activities with precision and consistency without losing competitive edge.

The global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) efforts to address against financial crime has made the transparency of any financial activity a priority – it is critical that financial institutions know who they are doing business with. It is no longer acceptable to simply be compliant – financial institutions are also expected to prove the consistency and effectiveness of their AML policies and KYC processes. At Equiniti, we focus on working with our customers to ensure compliance with the regulators across a number of different legislative challenges.

To ensure KYC and compliance policy is met and surpassed, Equiniti KYC Solutions has developed a KYC platform that generates insight, ensures consistency and offers full transparency through an audit trail and reporting capability.  

This is highly configurable and supports every phase of the customer journey and your AML process, covering:  

ID & V 
    Political Exposure (PEP) and/or; 
    Watch- and Blacklists and/or; 
Adverse Media & Negative Press 
Due Diligence Analysis 
Periodic Review 
Quality Assurance 
Risk Assessment 

By using best-of-breed solutions, Equiniti KYC Solutions analyzes data in an automated fashion, adapting the solution as regulation evolves. Financial institutions and other affected organisations are therefore able to adhere to the most recent financial regulations and futureproof their processes against disruptive transformation. 

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