We don't just provide business process outsourcing - we provide true business problem outsourcing.

Equiniti KYC Solutions pioneered the development of a ''KYC-as-a-Service'' model, and has worked exclusively in the KYC sector since 2008, providing complete KYC due diligence analysis.

Using our smart technology, best practice processes and experienced people, KYC-as-a-Service delivers a more reliable result, more quickly and more cost-effectively - typically enabling speed, quality and costs improvements in Year 1.

KYC-as-a-Service is a managed service offering where Equiniti KYC Solutions contributes all the necessary technology, processes and specialist staff to conduct and manage KYC and due diligence requirements, while customising the end solution to meet each individual institution’s specific needs.

At its core KYC-as-a-Service provides complete KYC due diligence analysis services to serve business needs. It supports SMEs, businesses, retail and corporate banking, correspondent banking and merchant due diligence for national and international banks, money services businesses, payment providers, real estate and audit and legal firms. It also supports a range of due diligence functions including new customer onboarding, periodic and event driven review, screening and PEP checks, and one-time level-setting reviews of existing relations. It provides a mix of pre-defined analysis services and service levels, further configured to meet each financial institution’s KYC specific needs.

Equiniti KYC Solutions' technology supports all the set-ups of all our clients; our processes are tailored for each client in their own Chinese Walled environments; our analyst teams are recruited, trained and managed to excel in meeting and surpassing our clients' requirements.

With a team of international professionals speaking more than 30 different languages, Equiniti KYC Solutions is uniquely positioned to help our clients meet their global regulatory requirements - with quality, transparency and consistency assured.