Pioneers of ‘KYC-as-a-Service’

Tue 10 Apr 2018

Banks and financial institutions owing to their nature of being vulnerable to increased risk around verification and fraudulence are known to implement complex know your customer (KYC) exercises

A significant part of this complexity is attributed to the strict regulatory and compliance landscape; one that constantly changes while demanding consequent variations in the bank’s policies and controls.

As comprehensive as KYC gets, legacy technologies and inaccurate sourcing of information further obstruct the pace of KYC operations. Against this backdrop, the need of the hour is a strong KYC model that is designed with a future-ready perspective. As pioneers of “KYC-as-a-Service”, Equiniti KYC Solutions offers its unparalleled expertise in equipping banks and financial institutions with reliable KYC software for regulatory due diligence.

Tracing back along the timeline, KYCnet; as formerly known, was acquired by Equiniti and got rebranded as Equiniti KYC Solutions. Converging Equiniti’s external knowledge of the regulatory landscape and KYCnet’s internal experience of the KYC arena, the company’s KYC specialization extends to regulatory due diligence onboarding, periodic and event-driven review, remediation and offboarding for financial organizations. Equiniti KYC Solutions’ highly flexible and configurable KYC software takes into account the various factors of risks, values, and criteria defined by the client, and enables them with a customised workflow. Working within the client’s business environment, Equiniti’s KYC software designs specific APIs to integrate effectively with the client’s existing infrastructure. Sian Jones, MD of Equiniti KYC Solutions says "One of the key differentiators of our KYC software is that we use it ourselves for our KYC purposes and hence have an excellent insight into how we need the software to perform and improve upon". Furthermore, the company offers a range of deployment options that best suit the requirements of their clients. 

The company’s “KYC-as-a-Service” is a ‘first of its kind’ managed service offering, which assists client organisations in conducting and managing their KYC and due diligence requirements with the required technology, processes, and specialist staff.

EquinitiKYC Solutions keeps a close watch on the regulations and the changes in policies and offers the right configuration to meet each institution’s specific requirements. In the instance of a change in regulations, the company helps their clients to interpret the impact of appropriate policies to existing processes and provide tailored solutions to effectively deal with the changes.

From its early days as a start-up, Equiniti KYC Solutions has come a long way where the company today brings together the expertise of both KYCnet and Equiniti, exemplifying the potential of a young, tech-savvy and creative workforce in a more structured ecosystem. Jones draws attention to Equiniti KYC Solutions’ endeavors in 2017 where they have taken big leaps engaging in several large size projects across major banks. Working on these big projects has helped Equiniti KYC Solutions to develop their API and augment their integration factor with client’s systems. For the months ahead, Equiniti KYC Solutions plans to work on more advanced integrated system solutions and empower small sized banks and financial institutions with robust KYC models. With an exceptional domain knowledge and a proven track record of working with leading financial institutions and banks, the company plans to extend its services to other sectors with wide prospects of KYC deployments.

On expanding its horizons, Jones says, “It’s an exciting time for us to spread our footprint in America, as the regulatory challenges in the U.S. are quite similar to that in EU.”