KYC Remediation

Thu 01 Aug 2019

Dealing with growing KYC/CDD requirements

The fight against financial crime has made the transparency of any financial activity a global priority, meaning it is critical that we know who we are doing business with and the risks associated with that. But with increasing regulation and changing client behaviour, how can you keep up?

Changing regulation and increased enforcement mean you have to change your operating model. Making this change can be arduous and complex, straining your operation, scalability and your capability to deliver against a tough deadline.

How we can help

Equiniti KYC Solutions offers a robust and scalable solution for your KYC challenges. Through our best-of-breed KYC platform KYCnet and our decade long experience with Natural persons KYC, Legal Entities KYC, Supplier KYC, Shareholder Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence, we offer a cost-effective way to reduce your KYC burden whether it be day-to-day or large-scale remediation.

Transparent pricing model;
Full audit trail;
Real-time management reporting and insights;
Automated risk-assessments;
Scalable solution for quick deployment and time sensitive projects;
Integration with third party tools and data providers;
Highly skilled, multi-lingual and trained KYC Analysts;
Process consultancy and support.

Download the white paper here