Equiniti KYC Solutions wins Best Managed/Support Services Provider

Wed 14 Jun 2017

Equiniti KYC Solutions collected the award for Best Managed/Support Services Provider...

Equiniti KYC Solutions collected the award for Best Managed/Support Services Provider at the Operational Risk Awards 2017 on the 13th June, illustrating standout ability to provide managed services which meet client demands.

The award is testament to Equiniti KYC Solutions’ unique mix of people, processes and technology, through which it is able to deliver first-class services for its clients.

KYC is known to be a costly, complex and time-sensitive recurring process in customer onboarding and review.   It is becoming increasingly important as regulation grows and KYC requirements become more onerous. Equiniti KYC Solutions thrives in this environment and client successes have enabled the creation of a rich set of managed services and technological solutions.

This accolade recognises the ability of Equiniti KYC Solutions to provide outstanding customer compliance services with the flexibility that is crucial as clients look to comply with sharpened regulatory attention.

The industry also celebrates Equiniti KYC Solutions’ reliability and innovation through this award, the driving force behind the client-specific solutions that deliver such strong results.

Patrick Ryan, Managing Director at Equiniti KYC Solutions, commented:

“The journey of Equiniti KYC Solutions over the past eight years to a global, award-winning managed service provider has been phenomenal. Over the years we have evolved to an enterprise-wide, onboarding solution that enables our clients to flex and adapt with speed and rigour.

I would like to thank the Operational Risk judges for this prestigious award. It is a great recognition of where we are today and the value that our clients place on KYC solutions. I’m so proud of our people that have served our clients, shaped our processes, and built our technology.

Moving forward, I hope that Equiniti will continue to be the standard-bearer within the KYC market, as we look to develop and improve our industry-leading suite of services.”