Equiniti KYC Solutions: from start-up to SIBOS...the 180-day success story

Tue 13 Sep 2016

As a valued relation, we would like to share more with you about our first 180 days as Equiniti KYC Solutions.

Equiniti KYC Solutions (formerly KYCnet) is an experienced Know Your Customer (KYC) technology and services provider. A trusted partner to leading financial institutions and banks since 2008. We help our clients master their compliant client lifecycle management processes, with regulatory due diligence onboarding, periodic and event-driven review, remediation and offboarding services and solutions. We enable quick and efficient onboarding of clients, getting them trade-ready as soon as possible.

Equiniti KYC Solutions pioneered the development of a ‘KYC-as-a-Service’ model and has a proven track record of working with leading financial institutions and banks in over 100 countries. This geographical diversity is reflected in our analyst teams, talented graduates who speak more than 30 languages.

March 2016: the acquisition

KYCnet’s success, dynamism and unique combination of innovative solutions and services were recognized by the Equiniti Group plc, a leading provider of technology led solutions to clients with complex and regulated administration needs. Convinced by the combination of highly skilled professionals, tried and tested processes and KYC technology, Equiniti decided that they wanted to share in our success and help us grow more quickly in the key UK market.

In March 2016 KYCnet became part of the Equiniti Group plc, and renamed the business Equiniti KYC Solutions.

180 Days Later...

As a valued relation, we would like to share more with you about our first 180 days as Equiniti KYC Solutions.

Joining the Equiniti Group immediately took us up to the next level and resulted in a successful acquisition story. From day 1 Equiniti has wisely left us to define the pace and extent of our integration into the wider Equiniti Group businesses. Equiniti prizes our culture and values and we have been very careful not to disrupt the important work KYCnet, now Equiniti KYC Solutions, was doing with our specialist teams in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Equiniti's reputation, financial standing, experienced management team and global sourcing capability we were able to directly benefit from the acquisition, gaining access to a rich spectrum of international projects, IT, sales and compliance professionals in refining and presenting our innovative solutions to the biggest banks in the world.

...New Projects...

Equiniti KYC Solutions is experiencing rapid growth from various perspectives. Within months of the acquisition, with Equiniti’s support, we acquired one of the Top European banks as a client and our team has doubled in size due to the increasing number of projects. With Equiniti's investment in IT, our IT department has tripled in size and the overall team is expecting to reach 100+ professionals by the end of 2016, not only expanding ourAmsterdam office but also Equiniti KYC Solutions' new operations in India.

...SIBOS and more

With our Equiniti parent, we will be exhibiting at SIBOS for the first time. SIBOS is the world’s premier financial services event  and will take place in Geneva in the week of 26-29 September. It will be an exciting opportunity not only for us to meet more than 8,000 business leaders and experts in the financial services space but also to launch our new technology: ''KYCNET 5.0''. The new release will offer advancements in the old features and new superior functionalities which will enable our clients even greater speed, quality and costs improvements in, as always, Year 1.

This is only the beginning of our success story! Come to visit us at SIBOS (stand A66) and discover more about the latest news on our website:


Patrick Ryan, Equiniti KYC Solutions' Managing Director, talks about the successful Equiniti acquisition of KYCnet and how Equiniti KYC Solutions makes complex KYC simple in the FD (Het Financieele Dagblad) theleading Dutch financial newspaper, click here to read more.