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Customer Lifecycle Management

Tue 25 Feb 2020

Surpassing Customer Expectations 

Equiniti KYC Solutions (EQ KYC) helps our clients master Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulatory compliance in a way that prioritizes the cornerstones of excellence in customer experience – speed, efficiency and transparency.  

As an experienced and trusted KYC specialist, our fully auditable solutions offer quick, efficient and consistent KYC processing across all stages of the customer lifecycle.  

By combining our expert knowledge of AML regulation and KYC processes with advanced technology, we help you by ensuring your risk-based approach to customer onboarding is fully compliant and enhances business efficiency gains, whilst simultaneously easing the onboarding process for your end-users.    

Stage 1 – Registration 

We work together with our clients to ensure that all information (such as identification documents) is made available in a secure, efficient and auditable way in our own KYC system.  

Stage 2 – Customer Due Diligence (CDD) 

The captured information is then handled by our multilingual KYC experts and is cross referenced with documents obtained from public sources to verify the validity of all pertinent data.  

Stage 3 – Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) 

If the initial analysis discovers risk-increasing factors (i.e. geographic region, types of products/services, complex ownership structure, our experienced KYC analysts will perform an EDD investigation. EDD investigations typically include a forensic analysis of the shareholding structure, the determination of all Ultimate Beneficiary Owners (UBOs) and confirmation of the Source of Funds as well as any other flagged hits requiring further investigation, such as potential false-positive adverse screening results.  

Stage 4 – Outreach 

If during the CDD and EDD process information found to be incomplete, inconsistent or incorrect, our analysts will reach out to obtain the required accurate documentation using the client’s approved channels. 

Stage 5– Screening 

Once the customer and relevant related parties have been identified and verified, our analysts perform screening for Sanctions and Enforcements, Watch- and Blacklists, Political Exposure (PEPs) and Adverse Media, in line with your internal policy. We then manage any hits arising from the screening.  

Periodic Reviews 

Periodic reviews of existing customers allow our clients to keep track of significant structural changes and help them keep their business compliant with the most recent regulations. Repeating the above steps periodically or following trigger events enables our customers to focus on new and existing business, whilst tapping into our KYC expertise, skills and scalability.   

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