Full Service Utilities - Equiniti KYC Solutions' Vision for Operational Transformation

Fri 21st October 2016

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Equiniti KYC Solutions was delighted to be identified by Celent in late 2009 as a KYC specialist and over the years, as our services and systems solutions evolved and matured, we enjoyed an ongoing and very stimulating dialog with the Celent team. We were further profiled in 2011’s Trends report and in 2015 Emerging Solutions report.

This year we have been profiled in Celent’s Utility Solutions report and are very pleased to see Celent echo our belief that, as part of Equiniti, we can combine our company’s years of experience and innovation with our new parent’s big-firm assurances.

The report was published during the summer and describes the drivers, benefits and challenges of Utility Solutions, specifically in the Capital Markets space. We have now written a commentary on this report, to better explain our concept and position of "Full Service Utility".

Equiniti KYC Solutions will share more about the report and the commentary at the next event: 10th Annual European AML & Financial Crime Conference on the 7-8 November 2016 in Merchant Taylors' Hall, London (Stand F).

The Equiniti Full Service Utility provides a fully-scoped, client specific solution with all of the benefits of a Utility:

 Diagram Celent