KYC Software

Equiniti KYC Solutions' KYCNET system ensures that clients have a consistent and regulatory compliant customer data set throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Developed from the ground up and using the latest technologies, KYCNET enterprise is an end-to-end onboarding, periodic review, remediation client lifecycle workflow and rules engine. Helping clients to manage compliance at a global level, it allows them to adapt quickly to complex country - and product-specific rules.

KYCNET also enables a top-to-bottom workforce management with roles, assignments, quality control, timesheets and project management built in. This makes onboarding people, entities and communities a fast, easy and reliable process, helping clients to meet due diligence requirements.

In order to meet specific requirements, KYCNET is implemented based on the procedures and risk criteria of our clients. Once our clients’ policies, checks, roles, workflows and risk criteria are reviewed and configured in the system, KYCNET provides compliant onboarding to exit customer and relation lifecycle management.

KYCNET facilitates contactless periodic reviews, and creates an authentication fast-path for the sharing and transfer of client information between stakeholders and divisions. Our clients can also benefit from being able to immediately access and adopt our industry-best-practice standards, risk assessment criteria, tables, process, rules and reports.

Clients also benefit from an agile, flexible and scalable platform which is available on premise or in the cloud. With a proven implementation methodology and pre-existing configured functionality KYCNET can be implemented rapidly, which ensures that our clients can fast-track ROI within a controlled and risk-based environment.

KYCNET is available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery mode. SaaS is broadly accepted as having a number of significant advantages over the traditional ''packaged'' systems approach: faster time to value, simpler implementation, less (or no) capital expense, no hardware required, easier and faster to upgrade, best-of-breed functionality, easy integration and more scalable. KYCNET is also available for local installation in a more traditional on-premise deployment model.

Leading the way in KYC Technology

    • Responsive user interface
    • Real-time integration
    • PartyDB - one source
    • Intuitive, drillable, real-time data visualisation
    • Total KYC Solution
    • Available on premise or as Software-as-a-Service